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Entry #3????

7/23/07 by TheShrike
Updated 7/9/09

Why is h2.i-article some nondescript post number (i.e. Entry #3), instead of the Subject title I specifically chose?

It seems silly that some generic text gets the spotlight above my own title.

Entry #3????


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Hmm... for me, I only see the Entry #n in certain contexts. Right now as I'm typing this comment, the only "ENTRY #3" is on your picture. Yet, it comes up when you click on the number of comments.

Very odd.

7/29/07 TheShrike responds:

I'm pretty sure that's because it says "Latest News" from the root of the site. But on any of the news pages (i.e. ews/post/6367 ) might not actually be new news...



What in the hell are you talking about?

7/27/07 TheShrike responds:

Nothing. Just bitching because when I read people's pages, I see the Entry # before the actual title. To me, it seems odd to do it like that.

In other news, the monkeys just won the trophy of soapy from the unicorns.



psht, my comment is amazing. You're just jealous of my wit.