Entry #3????

2007-07-23 19:36:52 by TheShrike

Why is h2.i-article some nondescript post number (i.e. Entry #3), instead of the Subject title I specifically chose?

It seems silly that some generic text gets the spotlight above my own title.

Entry #3????


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2007-07-23 20:10:44



2007-07-24 15:33:34

psht, my comment is amazing. You're just jealous of my wit.


2007-07-27 04:15:30

What in the hell are you talking about?

TheShrike responds:

Nothing. Just bitching because when I read people's pages, I see the Entry # before the actual title. To me, it seems odd to do it like that.

In other news, the monkeys just won the trophy of soapy from the unicorns.


2007-07-28 14:54:44

Hmm... for me, I only see the Entry #n in certain contexts. Right now as I'm typing this comment, the only "ENTRY #3" is on your picture. Yet, it comes up when you click on the number of comments.

Very odd.

TheShrike responds:

I'm pretty sure that's because it says "Latest News" from the root of the site. But on any of the news pages (i.e. http://theshrike.newgrounds.com/n ews/post/6367 ) might not actually be new news...