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The music was waaaay too damn loud. Also, if you're going to recommend a specific quality to watch a movie at... why not just set it yourself? _root._quality="MEDIUM".... how hard is that?

Mikextro responds:

just as i could have set it to medium before hand you could have turned down the volume.....thats even easier to do.

Needs just one thing...

A stream button. I didn't need to wait for 100% to load so I could watch.

Other than that, the artistic style is at best superb, and at the very, very least unique.

Good job. =]

There's a lot I could say...

But, in all honesty, you made it, and I'd only be telling you things you know.

Except one thing.

Ninjas > Pirates


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The second star is for a somewhat unique gameplay. But you need:

ART - it looks like shit
QA - its buggy as fuck

Hopefully its your first try, so give it another go. Its not ready as it is.

Nights57 responds:

Thanks for the honest feedback! This is indeed my first try, and I learned a lot throughout the process.

The name of the song is "Mope"

Song: Mope
Album: Hooray for Boobies
Year: 2000
Artist: Bloodhound Gang

Don't depend on mp3 tags for information about the music. Assume anything you download is wrong.

Also, this file does not work at all for me on my system. I can hear the audio, but cannot see anything. After any period of waiting.

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Hamalo responds:

oh ok thanks

hmmm I dunno why it wouldn't work, I haven't heard any other people complain about that

It's funny.


otherwise, the graphical representation of it was rather dull.

Grimman5000 responds:

I know...if this gets accepted, then I will improve on the graphics

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Not bad

But it doesn't have any real flow to it... Kind of an odd complaint for somethings so ambiguously categorized as 'ambient'. It shows promise.

Gillenium responds:

Well, with the background ambience and the constant soft beat and the phasing synth, I thought ambient was the best category for it. They need more categories here! Thank you for your review!

Another FUNKing hit

Awesome. It could use a couple more jokes. Good shit, though.

FUNKbrs responds:

Yeah, I always think of the good lines AFTER I record. Then I'm always too lazy to remix with the new words. However, I may be re-doing a full version of Liberate the Cheese soon. Maybe. It could happen.

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